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 Aerobic method of biological method:
1. Activated sludge method: with relatively low investment. Advantages such as better treatment effect. The technology mixes wastewater with activated sludge (microorganisms) and aerates it to decompose the organic pollutants in the printing and dyeing wastewater, and the biosolids are then separated from the treated wastewater and partially returned to the aeration tank as needed. Activated sludge can not only decompose a large amount MBR reactor of organic matter, but also remove part of the color, but also fine-tune the pH value, high operating efficiency and low cost, good effluent quality, suitable for the treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater with higher organic content.
2. SBR method: Sequential batch activated sludge method (SBR) is a activated sludge wastewater treatment technology that operates by intermittent aeration. This technology has the advantages of temporal flow pushing and spatial complete mixing, making ... [Details]
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